Unless you’re in the business of building homes, you may not fully appreciate the pros and cons between different types of windows. From arched to awning, there are a number of unique details that differentiate when and where you might install each one.

Whether you have a renovation in the works, would like to know more about your current layout, or are simply interested in some window shopping, let’s take a look at seven types of windows you should look out for.


Bay Windows

Bay windows are one of the most recognizable types of windows and add more light, beauty, and architectural detail than any other kind could. Often found in living rooms, kitchens or dining areas, bay windows are broken up into three or four separate panes of glass, and really maximize your view. Because bay windows stick outside the walls of your home, you’ll also be able to see in more directions and bring in a lot of natural light. Although they aren’t suitable for every room and can block narrow walkways outside your home, they create more space inside and more value overall.



Double Hung

Double hung windows are one of the most common types of windows used today and have been around for hundreds of years. If you’re shopping for real estate in Victoria, there’s a very good chance you’ve come across at least one. Although they restrict airflow (as they only open halfway), they are one of the most energy efficient options, capable of keeping heat in and cool out. Better yet, they are easy to repair and even easier to keep clean.


Picture Windows

If a picture says a thousand words, a picture window shows a thousand details. Offering a nice, clear view, these windows are usually made up of a large pane of glass without any lines intersecting or getting in the way. Often installed high on walls or hallways, this picturesque pane provides a ton of natural light and helps connect outdoor spaces to indoor ones. But as breathtaking as picture windows are, they aren’t suitable for ventilation (they won’t open), and add a ton of unwanted solar heat.


Arched Windows

Arched windows add architectural interest to your home and help to improve its curb appeal. Ranging in a number of different shapes and sizes, some of which open, some of which don’t, arched windows are a low maintenance and versatile option. If you’re looking for ways in which to inject a unique feel to your home, arched windows are a great way to go.



Casement Windows

Highly suitable above counters, cabinets, or other areas where they can be reached, casement windows are a popular choice in many new homes. These windows come with a crank and open from the inside, providing a great source of ventilation in overly warm homes. Because the window is made of one solid piece of glass (and not two), they also offer better insulation than your standard double or single hung windows, and are very easy to clean. A common complaint one will hear about casement windows is that they aren’t always that simple to adjust. After you crank the window


Storm Windows

Storm windows speak for themselves. Because windows are one of the weakest points in any home in terms of insulation, many homeowners will decide to install a storm window, improving insulation and their home’s weather-resistance in the process. While they are an affordable way to increase efficiency, storm windows require more maintenance and can cause damaging condensation between the two panes.



Awning Windows

Last but not least, we have awning windows. With a hinge at the top, awning windows open outward, allowing for improved ventilation in whichever room they are installed. Often used in combination with other window styles, awning windows are easy to open and close. Because they can be installed much higher up on a wall, they also offer enhanced security. Unfortunately, awning windows are rather high maintenance, as they will be hit by more rain, roof runoff, and other bits of debris than your average window. This means you’ll have to clean them more often.


Of course these aren’t the only types of windows that exist, and you never know, we just might mention other ones in a future blog post. You’ll just have to bookmark this page and keep checking in!

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