Wet and soggy afternoons bring their own delights for adults and children. They’re an opportunity to indulge in one’s hobbies or to escape the house in search of treats and pleasures. A rainy day is the perfect excuse to catch up on hobbies and favourite past-times. If you’re home with the kids, set-up a schedule for the day. Looking forward to each ‘block’ of time will help them keep the momentum of activities going.

Here are some ideas to fill the day with novel activities that you might want to reserve just for wet and windy spring days.

Baking is a nice way to warm things up if it’s cold outside. The heat will chase the damp away to make your home cozy. Oven-fresh cookies pair perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate. If it’s summer, cupcakes and lemonade will put a smile on everyone’s face. Stream Academy Awards movies from the year you were born.

Spa day starts with a face mask and ends with a soak in the tub. Search online for homemade mask and scrub recipes that use everyday kitchen ingredients. Soothe and repair dark circles under the eyes with an eye mask. Alternate cool cucumber slices and warm chamomile tea bags to rejuvenate tired eyes. Next is a manicure and pedicure. Keep a supply of ‘baby foot’ exfoliation kits for a week-long foot peel that will leave heals and toes soft and smooth. Finish up with a coarse salt and rosemary bath tonic. Epsom salts and sea salt are both good choices to reduce muscle aches. Use dried rosemary if you don’t have fresh springs.

There are a number of benefits to walking in the rain. The action of water can increase the number of negative ions in the air. This is why standing near a waterfall creates a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Walking with an umbrella in the neighbourhood or a nearby park can inspire a new perspective. Kids will marvel at how rain brings out another side of nature. A frisky bird catching worms on the grass, rainbows in the distance, and the sound of raindrops on rain gear are a world of sights and sounds. Be sure to wear high visibility items, especially if the day is particularly dark.

Perhaps walk in the direction of a favourite coffee house or cafe. On rainy days, they can be quieter or less crowded and the perfect place to spend an hour or so warming up. Enjoying your favourite hot beverage or try something completely out of character. In summer, indulge in an icy coffee drink but hold the whip to avoid feeling overfull. Most coffee shops are air-conditioned so it’s a good opportunity to dry off and cool down or warm up, depending on the season.

The library is another venue that has good amenities and plenty of things for kids to do. In these times of ‘download everything’ and all things electronic, the analogue nature of books and magazines can be an refreshing adventure in itself. A first library card, an armful of venturesome reading, and the milestone of participating in an adult pastime will thrill young ones.

After a full day, encourage kids to write a letter or email to someone they love. Ask them to describe the new and wonderful things they discovered during their special day. Include a photo or a hand-drawn picture that shows their activities. Rainy days can be fun, too. With some imagination, and a willingness to brave the elements, there are lots of things to do.

Rainy days are also good for looking at houses. If you would like to view some properties in your area, please contact us today.